Луксозна жилищна сграда, ж.к. Възраждане, Бургас EN

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This building is located in Vazrajdane - a fast growing residential quarter, very popular on the real estate market not only because of its proximity to the central part of Burgas, but also because of its easy access, excellent infrastructure and communications.

There are many facilities on disposal of the residents such as: shops, cafes, restaurants, schools, kinder garden, park e t c. The Youth Cultural Centre is located nearby, offering a lot of opportunities for sports and entertainment.

The building is situated on the popular trade street named Kaloyan Str. It offers a modern design and a rational division of the building space, insuring the comfort of the residents.

The building comprises of one-, two- and three- bedroom apartments with a living area from 45 up to 119 sq m; 2 shops and an office located on the ground floor.

All the units will be handed over in the following stage of completion, using materials of highest quality:

  • Type of construction: monolithic, with reinforced concrete frame structure, with surrounding and internal brick walls;
    • Floors:
      • Entrance halls, corridors and rooms: cement floor coat;
      • Wet rooms: cement floor coat;
      • Balconies: granite tiles;
      • Common parts of the building: granite tiles, plastered and painted walls.
      • Walls: brick walls
      • Surrounding external walls  - with thermo insulation, painted in colour according to the project;
      • Internal walls – plastered, with lime putty.
    • Ceilings: concrete slab, plastered, with lime putty.
    • Framework:
    • Entrance doors  – German steel doors Hoermann, internal MDF doors or steel doors Hoermann;
  • Windows  –  four-chamber PVC window profile Profilink.
  • Water and sewerage installations: water and sewerage piping, till end –caps, connected to the mains water and sewerage systems.
  • Electrical installation: fully completed wiring with exits for plugs and switches.
  • Bells and video – intercom installation: installed, fully equipped, to be used according to the project.
  • Elevators: completed construction of the shaft, installed elevator after the mandatory tests, according to the project.
  • Telephone and TV installations
  • Ventilation system and chimneys: according to the project
  • Gas installation
  • Underground level: basement premises according to the project.